Street Food Tour Catania

Street Food to Catania Sicily

A discovery tour of Sicilian gastronomy

When visiting a city, you are often curious to learn its customs, traditions but above all its gastronomic culture.

The history of Catania through its gastronomy

tour of Sicilian gastronomy
Tour of Sicilian gastronomy

In Sicily, food is a fundamental part of life, which allows you to really dive in and understand its culinary history.
In fact, multiple conquests by other cultures and peoples over the centuries have left their mark from a culinary point of view.
These traditions are seen from the food habits of the Greeks to the delicacies of the “Monsù” (the cooks of the noble kitchens), the passing of dishes from the Arab-Norman age and the typical offal, or organ delicacies, of the Jewish period. Indeed, it was the Arabs who revolutionized the culinary habits of the Sicilians by introducing dishes such as cassata and the rice arancino, which has become famous the world over.
Simply put, if you want to fully understand the culture of Sicily, you must start with the food!

Catania is the perfect place for a gastronomic tour

The center of Catania is full of stalls and kiosks where you can enjoy street food at any hour … making it the perfect place for a gastronomic tour!

Do From our holiday home, you can reach the beautiful Piazza Duomo in 15 minutes on foot and there you will meet a local guide to accompany you on this delicious adventure. This tour includes historical information about Piazza Duomo and the symbol of the city, U Liotru.

Piazza Duomo Catania

You will enjoy the colors, flavors, sights and smells of the local fish market. For those who prefer meat, they can enjoy a cuoppo (paper cone) with horse meatballs.
You will also taste the flavorful cheeses, olives, products preserved in olive oil and of course the fish cuoppo, a fried catch so fresh that you can even smell the sea.

Fish market. Catania

As we continue, you will find yourself in via Crociferi, famous for the four Baroque churches in a 200mt range and a point of passage during the celebration of Sant’Agata, the patron saint of Catania, celebrated from the 3rd to 5th of February every year.

Via Crociferi Catania
Crociferi street

Along the way you will admire Piazza Stesicoro, a place rich in culture reflected both in the Roman Amphitheater and the Church of San Biagio where, according to legend, the furnace in which Sant’Agata suffered martyrdom was located.

Piazza Stesicoro Catania
Piazza Stesicoro. Catania

Next, we will stroll along the main street, Via Etnea, and stop in one of the most famous bars in the city to taste an absolute must of Sicilian street food: arancino! In a small local bakery, you will get to taste another famous street food of Catania cuisine, the cipollina, or puff pastry stuffed with tomato, onion, mozzarella and ham.

Arancino. Catania

The next stop is not to be missed, a typical kiosk offering local specialty drinks of all kinds: from fresh lemon soda and salt to mandarin juice.
Naturally this Catania Street Food Tour will have a sweet ending! The finale will take place at the pastry shop along the main street. We complete our tour with the unique beauty that is the Sicilian granita and almond sweets.

Sicilian granita and Brioche
Sicilian granita and brioche

As an added memento, at the end of the tour you will be given the “La Via dell’Elefante” passport in the form of a small map, to retrace all the gastronomic stops along the way and meant as a souvenir of this special day.

In a single morning you will have learnt both the main streets of the Catania, its history and culture, and tasted many of the best Sicilian products the city has to offer.

What more could you ask for?

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