Street Art: the new face of Catania

Tour Street Art. Catania

A tour to discover the main forms of Street Art in Catania

Street art is a form of recent art born in the sixties and seventies during the student revolutions and was used to manifest their strong political affiliation. In the 1980s, however, street artists simply began to use the walls as their canvases since streets are clearly much more populated than galleries or art exhibitions. Today, Street art is seen as an opportunity to redevelop and regenerate unattractive industrial or urban areas.
Over the years, this form of art has also found space in the city of Catania. The following are the main works of Street art found in Catania

The Silos

Catania Street Art. The Silos

In the Porto area there are eight Silos made into artwork by eight international artists, who were called to reinterpret Sicilian and Catania myths and legends in modern and innovative ways. It’s hard to believe that these beautiful murals were completed in just eleven days!
Okusa san Miguel, Spanish painter and sculptor, with his work “La bella di Bellini” paid homage to the greatest composer of Catania, Vincenzo Bellini.
Rosh333, also Spanish, with his artwork, “Oraculo”, represents the explosive energy of the Etna volcano expanding into the sky above.
The street artist Microbo, with an infinite interweaving of eddies and currents, recalls the legend of Scylla and Charybdis.
Italian, Bo130, reinterprets “The unwritten history of Colapesce” with a cascade of colors; Vlady Art, in the work “Barattoli”, reproduces the form of a vase with sirens and minotaur.
Danilo Bucchi instead creates a Minotaur in black and white.
The Ukrainian duo Nteresni Kazki, using 2 faces of the silos, created “The escape of Ulysses from Polyphemus” and “Triskelion”, the latter representing the legend of Perseus and Medusa.
Finally, Lucamaleonte, represents the famous centuries-old tree of Etna park, “the chestnut of a hundred horses”.
The grain silos of Catania are the only ones still in operation in Sicily.

The murales of Christian Guemy

Mural portraying Saint Agatha, by Christian Guémy. Catania

Moving through the narrow streets of the historic center, you can find the four murals of the French artist Christian Guèmy, aka C215. The internationally known artist has chosen to reproduce four drawings: the image of Sant’Agata, patron saint of the city, portrayed with two “minnuzze” on a tray in memory of her martyrdom; two portraits in honor of Ettore Majorana and finally two elderly people kissing each other, all very expressive murals between Via Alessi and Via San Giuseppe al Duomo that transmit a love of times past.

Two old people kissing. Guémy murals. Catania

The San Berillo district

In the popular San Berillo neighborhood, located in the historic center, the murals have become an expression of redemption for a historically run-down neighborhood. It was once a neighborhood full of artisan shops, but later became a degraded part of the city where prostitution and crime were the business of the day. In the 1950s, in fact, it was considered the largest red-light district in all of Italy.

The San Berillo destrict

Fortunately, thanks to young entrepreneurs who have invested in clubs and to artists who have made the walls their canvas, today San Berillo presents itself with a completely new face that attracts people from Catania and tourists from all over the world on a daily basis.

Murals in the San Berillo district. Catania

In these intertwining alleys, about forty Sicilian Street Artists repainted the doors of the neighborhood houses in unique and original ways; there are those who have chosen a portrait of Coco Chanel for their entrance, others a geisha with the classic Chinese umbrella taking advantage of the features of the door, or even a fairy of a thousand colors with the words “to the beauties who give and seek love”, as reference to the prostitutes who resided in the neighborhood or, finally, the reproduction of a Colombian art “Botero” made in honor of the Colombian girls who live in the area.

Murals in the San Berillo district. Catania

The artworks have been noticed and appreciated by several journalists and art critics who don’t doubt the sense of redevelopment transmitted by these works of art.

To find out all there is to know about Street art, learn its history and capture spectacular photos, we recommend taking part in a Street Art Tour from Piazza Duomo! The meeting point is only 15 minutes away from the holiday home on foot or you can book a private transfer. Along with the guide, you will retrace the stages that have made Catania a real Street Art City

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