Holiday in Catania

Holiday in Catania

When to go to Catania?

Surely the best time is Spring and Summer.
But in Catania it is also true the winter and autumn seasons are among the hottest in Europe.

Catania landscape
Catania. At the bottom you can see the Etna volcano.

Catania. Who is it recommended for?

Especially to families and young couples.
Catania is a place for those who prefer to stay a few hours from home, without giving up a vacation on the Mediterranean, in search of tranquility, fun, culture, nature and typical flavors.

catania sea family

What to eat in Catania?

Between “granita” with brioche and “cannoli” with “ricotta”, “arancini” and “pasta alla Norma”, in Catania you can eat very well and at all hours of the day and night. Get ready for the amazing experience of the Catania street food that for many years has been a real cult.

You can buy fresh fish and cook it comfortably in our holiday home or eat fish in restaurants and trattorias at great prices … close to home.
Once in a lifetime you will have to eat one of these dishes from Catania: Pasta alla Norma, Pistachio rolls, Beccafico sardines, Granita with brioche, Arancino, Cannolo with ricotta and the typical fried pizza of Zafferana.

pasta alla norma a catania
Pasta alla Norma. Catania

What to see in Catania?

Catania spiritual.
A city rich in spirituality. A visit to the Duomo, or the Cathedral consecrated to Saint Agatha, the patron saint of the city, cannot be missed. The most important religious festival of the city is dedicated to this saint and the festival takes place in February and August.

Chapel Saint Agata in Catania
Chapel Saint Agata in Catania

Catania on the sea.
Let us not forget that here we are at the center of the Mediterranean. Catania is a city with a splendid sea and its beloved Playa, bathed by the Ionian Sea. The walk along the seafront is a real ritual, where you can enjoy the panorama of the city in full relax.

Sea in Catania
Catania beach with Etna

Catania commercial.
Via Etnea is the most central and beloved street in Catania, three straight kilometers that connect the sea to the mountain. This is the most commercial street of Catania; among palaces, pastry shops, history and culture, the walk on via Etnea is… volcanic!

via etnea a catania
Via Etnea. Catania

Catania monumental.
Via dei Crociferi, a silent and magical street, a concentrate of Baroque art, a UNESCO heritage site. The two hundred meters of Catania where you can admire the most beautiful eighteenth-century churches.

Via dei Crociferi a Catania
Via dei Crociferi. Catania

Catania Greek-Roman.
Visiting the Greek-Roman Amphitheater in Catania, you can dive into antiquity. Built in the 2nd century AD, it is located in the historic center of the city. A work of 80 meters (approximately) in diameter, built with Etna lava stone.
It seems that it was the largest colosseum in Italy after the Rome Colosseum and that it had a capacity of 5000/7000 spectators.

Greek-Roman Amphitheater in Catania
Greek-Roman Amphitheater in Catania

What can you do in Catania?

The excursion to Etna is an unforgettable experience. The highest active volcano in Europe, whose visit is an immersion in the power of nature. Between craters and caves in lava stone, breathtaking views of unusual colors, local traditions to be enjoyed. All to live!

The excursion to Etna
The excursion to Etna

Another wonderful experience is the Oasi del Simeto, 2000 hectares of natural reserve that extends between Etna and the sea. A great variety of birds choose this place to nest, just as the Caretta Caretta turtle has made one of its favorite residences on these beaches. A natural area that always surprises.

Oasi del Simeto a Catania
Oasi of Simeto. Catania

In Catania another pleasant activity is walking. Here you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through its historic monuments. Not to be missed is the ancient fortress built by Frederick II of Swabia, in the 13th century, to protect the city: Castello Ursino. Today it is home to the Civic Museum of the city of Catania.

Ursino Castle in Catania
Ursino Castle in Catania

What to do at night in Catania?

Catania is known for its nightlife and its countless nightlifes.
What is called the “square” is the typical area of Catania, in the heart of the historic center, where people meet during the night. The “square” extends between Piazza Duomo, Piazza Università and Piazza Teatro Massimo.
This is the area where many nightlifes, always super crowded, welcome lots of people, including Sicilians and tourists from all over the world, in a magical Baroque setting.

Catania by night
Catania by night

Where to stay in Catania?

The hotels in Catania are numerous and good, but it is good to try the apartments, especially those located in the historic center.
If you are a family or a group of friends, consider how much you would save because of the possibility of cooking at home and having all the attractions of Catania within walking distance.

Meditate people 😃

Lunchroom of Holiday Home Sicily
Lunchroom of Holiday Home Sicily

See the 12 most beautiful attractions of Catania within walking distance of Sicily Holiday Home.

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