Holiday Home in Catania

Holiday Home in Catania

10 good reasons to choose to book a holiday home in Catania.

Why choose a holiday home in Catania?
Are you planning to organize a vacation for yourself? Or a vacation with the family? Or a vacation with your old friends?
Good! Here are 10 reasons to choose a vacation home … and not a hotel.

1. Much more space available.

Holiday Home Sicily living room
Our living room – dining room, comfortable, for six people.

The hotel offers you “a box” of 15/20 square meters.
Our Holiday Home offers 60 square meters of space to relax and enjoy in comfort.

2. A Holiday Home is always cheaper.

sicily holiday home dinner
Dinner with friends at the Sicily Holiday Home

If you are looking for a 3-star hotel, with air conditioning (essential in Sicily), suitable for a family and above all in the center of Catania, it will not cost you less than € 60.00 / night per person.
If from a 3-star hotel, we go up to a 4-star hotel, obviously the prices are double.
True, our Holiday Home in Catania costs a little more than a 3-star hotel, but remember that:

  • you have more space;
  • you have a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook and save the cost of breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • you can divide the cost of a night with six people! Yes, because our vacation home accommodates up to six people.

Do you begin to understand convenience?
In the holiday home you have twice the space for about half the cost per person! (Even less 😉)

3. You are the owner of your holiday.

Breakfast at Sicily Holiday Home
Breakfast at Sicily Holiday Home

In a vacation home you can wake up and get out of bed when you want, have breakfast when you like.
You give the rhythm inside the vacation home and not the hotelier.
It is your holiday … and you are the landlord!

4. No hidden costs.

Sicily Holiday Home WiFi
Free Wifi in Sicily Holiday Home

It’s you, your group, that talks directly with the owner. There will be no surprise costs like parking, internet, bottled water, etc … You will always be informed of everything included in the price.

5. On holiday like at home.

Fresh fruit offered by Sicily Holiday Home
Fresh fruit offered by Sicily Holiday Home

You will be able to enjoy a holiday with the same comforts of your home. Washing machine, coffee machine, iron, fridge, plates, glasses, cutlery … and also a nice basket of fresh fruit always offered by us!

6. Vacation together, dividing costs.

Fully equipped kitchen of Sicily Holiday Home
Fully equipped kitchen of Sicily Holiday Home

Is a hotel always suitable for groups of people traveling together?
Is it suitable for children? How many rooms will you have to book for a group of many people? Will the rooms be close to enjoy together?
Our vacation home is comfortable for six people, both for sleeping and eating.
You imagine a group of people who want housing for a long time, how much they can save … there is no comparison!

7. Stop!

via etnea a catania
Stop by taxi and bus … just nice walks! Via Etnea. Catania.

Stop the waitresses coming and going, or the thin walls that let in all kinds of noises and at all hours of the day. Stop the super crowded breakfasts, the elevators that never arrive. Stop!
Enjoy it, here in your holiday home it’s like home!

8. All attractions within walking distance of us.

Piazza Duomo. Catania
Piazza Duomo. Catania

Our Holiday Home is in the center of Catania, the most beautiful attractions of the city, historical, artistic, natural, gastronomic, are just a few steps away from us. So you give up the idea of having to book taxis or take buses, you just have to choose what to see and we’ll tell you how to get there … on foot 😄

9. Authentic experience.

Sicily Holiday Home - Etna
Walk on the Etna volcano. Catania

It is not the usual standard trip. Your travel experience will be truly authentic in a Holiday Home. You will feel part of the local community, living here like a real Sicilian. If you will be pleased we can have a chat about local places and local customs and we will give you many suggestions on how to live your holiday in Catania intensely.

10. And your friend Pluto?

Sicily Holiday Home Animals

To whom do you leave your puppy when you choose a hotel? Do we want to talk about it?

Do you have any questions before leaving?

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